Advantages and solutions

  • Availability             

    We have the largest Hyundai Equus fleet in Moscow, so your car will always arrive promptly and at short notice, even if you haven't ordered in advance
  • One-window principle 

    Your personal manager is on hand to answer any questions you may have, to coordinate a group transfer of guests to an event, or to provide you will a clear report on your company travel. And all this at any time of day or night.
  • Simplicity 

    For your convenience – a wide range of payment options. No need to interrupt a meeting or conversation, just place your order with one click on your smartphone.
  • Partnership             

    Becoming a partner with us makes sound sense! We offer extensive opportunities for you to grow your business and meet the needs of your clients. Let's be successful together!
  • Reliability 

    Looking for a reliable partner that you can work with long-term? Our company's stable development and growth means that you can expect consistent, impeccable service, with a team of professionals on hand to provide the optimal solutions to your needs.
  • A single invoice  

    Managing your expenses is easy and straightforward, with real time information on your account status and journey history available in your personal profile. Set your own balance limits and select the options that you need. Now YOU make the rules!
  • Security

    We have selected a tried and tested partner for our payment processing, a company to which some of the world's largest corporation trust their finances. Data and payment security lie at the very heart of our business.
  • 24/7 Service and support  

    For your convenience – round-the-clock client support. Call the Contact Centre to get up-to-the-minute information on tariffs, products and services, place an order or give us your feedback on service quality. 
  • Speed 

    We know how important your time is. Our job is to help you use every minute as effectively as possible. That is why we have created a unique and innovative order processing and dispatch system. 
  • Service partners

    As a member of the global travel community, we can offer you competitive solutions wherever you are in the world, providing unique additional products and services to you and your clients.
  • Information 

    We have a unique body of knowledge in the personal transport sector, which means that we can offer you the service that you deserve. We keep constantly abreast with the latest technologies and trends, and offer only the best products and services. 
  • Account management 

    We care about our clients, and will do anything to ensure their comfort. Our English-speaking team is on hand constantly to provide you the very best of our extensive service offering. With proven, automated work process, we can react rapidly to the needs of our clients. Working with us is efficient and problem-free.
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