How can I order a Grandee car?

You can order in a variety of ways. Phone our Call Centre on +7 (495) 933 03 33. The operator will take your order, advise you on when the vehicle will arrive and give you the approximate journey cost. Alternatively, you can order via our website grandeecar.com or using the Grandee mobile app (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Additionally, you can set up a personal profile on the website or mobile app and take advantage of all the attendant benefits, including discounted tariffs, our loyalty programme, earning points to redeem against future journeys, and express order processing.
How much advance notice should I give when ordering a car in the city?

During the day it is best to place the order at least one or preferably two hours beforehand. During the periods from 08:00-10:00 and 18:00-20:00, when the roads are particularly busy, we recommend that you leave an additional 40-60 minutes and take advice from the Call Centre to calculate approximate journey time and the best route..
How much advance notice should I give when ordering a car to the airport?

The same applies as for any other journey in the city, although the general rule is the sooner the better! You can even place your order several days beforehand, and amend it at any time.
I did not know that I would need a car urgently, and did not place an advance order. Will my order be taken?

In such instances the operator will put out a request to find the nearest vehicle to you. If one is found, you will be advised how soon the vehicle can be provided, and if this is acceptable to you, the order will be processed and the vehicle deispatched.
How much advance notice should I give to amend or cancel my order?

In the case of an advance order, not later than an hour before the stipulated time. If the order was placed for urgent dispatch and the vehicle has already arrived at the point of departure, you will have to pay for the vehicle delivery.
Are the airport transfer prices on your website fixed?

Yes, if the vehicle is provided in the «Moscow» tariff zone (Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) +10km).
Does the fixed price of the airport transfer vary according to time of day, journey time or departure point?

No, not if the vehicle is provided in the «Moscow» tariff zone (Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) +10km).
Do I have to pay extra for baggage?

The transportation of baggage in the vehicle luggage compartment, whether within the city or to/from the airport, is included in all fares. However, if you have concerns regarding the volume of the baggage you wish to take, please consult our Conditions of Carriage.
I need to order a car to meet my friends at the airport. What is the best way to do this?

Simply give the flight details to our operator – flight number, date and arrival time – and be sure to indicate the contact number of the arriving party. The driver will arrive at the airport at the appointed time, meet the passenger(s) and take them to their destination. If you have placed the order several days ahead, we recommend that you monitor the schedules for any changes in the arrival time. If the arrival time will be either later or earlier, contact the dispatcher at any time to update the collection time, but no later than one hour before the time originally specified.

Moscow airport information can be found on our site here (link). You can also take advantage of the additional actual time of arrival service (see tariffs).
"30 minutes free waiting time at airport" — what does that mean? At what point does the waiting time commence?

It means, for instance, that if you have ordered to be met at 12:00, the driver will wait until 12:30 at no additional charge. Usually a car is ordered for around 40-60 minutes after the flight's scheduled arrival, to allow for baggage reclaim and other formalities.
And how will we find each other? There are always so many people and cars at airports!

Very simple – firstly, the dispatcher will advise you of the registration mark of the vehicle, and secondly, they will give you the driver's contact number, so you can always call the driver and agree where to meet. We also offer a service whereby you are met in arrivals with a sign, you can see the tariffs here (link)
I have a large amount of baggage with me. Can the driver help? How much will that cost?

Our driver will be only too happy to help! Simply advise the dispatcher when you place the order that you will need assistance.
Can I travel with a pet – a cat or a dog?

No, unfortunately transport of animals in our vehicles is not permitted.
I would like to know the exact fare of a journey in the city in advance. Can the dispatcher calculate this for me?

The dispatcher can calculate the approximate fare, however this can differ from the final cost as a result of traffic and road conditions.
Can I order a Grandee car over the internet?

Yes, you can. In the order form please indicate your contact telephone number. If you have set up a personal profile, points will be added to your account.
Can I order a car with a child-seat?

Yes. Simply advise the dispatcher in advance.
What would I need to work as a Grandee driver?

First and foremost, a love for the city and for working as a Grandee driver; a cool head, a desire to help people and a readiness to pitch in. We welcome honesty, integrity, selflessness, team spirit and a willingness to help colleagues both at work and at leisure. Extensive driving experience is also very helpful. You can send your CV to hr@asaptc.com.
Can I order a car for a specific day at a particular time?

Of course! Call us or place your order online (using the express order function if you have a personal profile set up). Indicate the date and time in the notes and comments section.
Many taxi operators address their regular clients by their first name. Is this also a practice at Grandee?

Yes, if you have set up a personal profile on our website. Your personal profile stores your journey history for future discounts, beneficial tariffs and payment by bonus points.
Where can I download the mobile app?

You can go to this link, where you will be able to request an SMS message with a link to download the app.
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